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The SteamPunk Jewellery Collection

The SteamPunk Jewellery Collection

The most interesting creations are possibly the Steampunk costume pieces.

This includes one-of-a-kind hats (tophats in black, brown, and grey. Bowlers in brown or black. Huge mad hatter style top hats in black, brown, red, or grey. Ladies fascinator style black top hats), bowties, goggles, shoes and anything else that strikes my fancy! They sometimes have lights that light up, or secret doors or compartments... little secrets.

Don't be afraid to ask about custom creations.

USB Flash Drives

These flash storage drives were painsakingly handcrafted using copper piping, handwrapped wire coils, wires, different types of hardware and recycled vacuum tubes.

Each one is it's own piece of functional art, and all are very unique

The drives inside are new, and come in various storage capacities (most often 32g)

Their best feature is the fact that the vacuum tubes blink and light up when plugged in and downloading! So much fun!

The Men's Collection

The FairyTale Collection

Other fun stuff:

  And more to come.....