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Who doesn't like an evening with the girls?

Wine - Dine - And try on Jewelry!

Unlike other Jewelry party companies, By BlackBird Designs strives for a relaxed, no-sales-pressure shopping experience. All jewelry is unique, one-of-a-kind and set at a price point that lets your ladies perhaps purchase more than one thing without breaking the bank. Each item is handcrafted to be a quality, stylish addition to your wardrobe. The cash & carry premise also allows for instant gratification, and eliminates that nasty wait-time for orders that is a must for other jewelry companies.

If your friends and family want true works of art that are different and fun... my work is for you!

Have a Party!

Hostess Rewards

   Hostess receives a three piece hostess jewellery set... (Set would include necklace and/or earrings and/or bracelet) a thank you for hosting!

Your hostess kit includes:

  • Invitations and envelopes for all your guests
  • Hostess Gift Set
  • Special give-aways for guests
  • Percentage of party earnings in free jewelry!

Find Out More!

For more information please email me or call to receive an information package containing more details:

Angela Sawatzky


   I also bring with me my Sugar & Spice :the little girls collection, and a line of pure 925 sterling silver for those that prefer silver.

Wheee! Party Time!

  At the end of the evening all guests’ names will be put in a hat (excluding the hostess) and a door prize will be drawn for. Depending on the size of the party, multiple door prizes may be available. 

10 guests and under receive one door prize, over 10 guests and I will bring two door prizes, 20 or more receive 3 prizes... and so forth. Door prizes will vary by party, but generally will be pieces of jewelry from my collection or other fun stuff like beauty products.

    Freebies may be included for your guests but are not guaranteed. Examples might be fridge magnets, small beauty products, or hair pins, candy bundles, etc. Guests can then pick one or two little things to take home, and it contributes to the fun atmosphere!

So Easy!

   Guests are encouraged to book their own parties that evening. For the first party booked for a future date, the current hostess will receive a FREE jewellery voucher for that next party (or valid any time following the date of that second party). For every party booked after the first, our hostess will receive a voucher for a percentage off next purchase order in increasing increments.